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Kathlyn Stone is a Twin Cities, Minnesota-based writer who covers general news, and business, international trade, and health care news and policies for public and professional audiences. 

Stone enjoys journalism most among all writing genres and finds interviewing, researching, and analyzing data as much an attraction as the actual craft of writing.  Stone’s style incorporates both hard facts and emotional appeal when telling the story.

She brings an insider’s understanding when covering government and politics, late-breaking science (especially that pertaining to neurological research), consumer health news, and public policy.  In addition to newspaper and magazine reporting, she has worked in media relations and communications for national non-profits, a state legislature, the business sector, and government agencies. Through these experiences Stone has developed a healthy skepticism of politicians and public relations practitioners. At the same time, her ability to find experts – some might call them unsung heroes – whether government or corporate staff, scientific researchers or passionate activists — who speak truthfully and knowingly about an issue, makes her writing stand out from the rest.