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Welcome. I’m an independent journalist specializing in scientific research, particularly neuroscience, the latest developments in medical technology, and health care news people can use now. I’m also interested in social trends, public policy and global health so my writing tends to include how the details fit into the big picture.

My decades of experience as a generalist, then a specialist in business and international trade, and now as a specialist covering science amd medical news, have given me the opportunity to meet world leaders and interview the top researchers from around the world. I’ve gained a deep understanding of how ideas and world events affect local and national news — and vice versa. Moreover, I have come to know that the world is not so big and mysterious, nor is it black and white. The knowledge that people are more alike than they are different has instilled a strong commitment to bring about greater transparency, understanding, and truth in our democracy and public institutions.

My articles have appeared in dozens of newspapers and magazines,from trade journals to business and online news sites. Please browse my site and if you’re an editor with some work you’d like to discuss, another writer who would like to collaborate, or if there’s a story you’d like to suggest, please contact me.

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